Monday, March 21, 2011

New Blog Project

I've decided to start a new blog project. You can find the blog to the right in the Where To Find Me section. Its titled 365 Days Of Zazzle Design. I've started this to hopefully be my motivation. I'm going to create at least one design for zazzle a day for one year. I'm also going to be promoting a product from a zazzler every friday.

How this works: I'm going to go on the hunt on the zazzle forums and find someone who has a product that ties in with my item creation of the day everyfriday. Everyone can get the chance to submit what they think is their best product that fits that fridays catagory. I will then choose one person that I feel best represents the catagory. Dont feel left out though if you dont get picked. I'm planning on doing lenses on Squidoo to help promote those who dont get picked for my blog so everyone wins. LOL. Just trying to do my part to help other people. I'm going to start my hunt as soon as possible but i will not be starting my project until Monday March 28th 2011. I will post my first friday winner on Friday March 25th 2011. Hope everyone enjoys this opportunity.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome blog project! I am following both of your blogs! Good luck to your Zazzling and babies!:))