Monday, March 21, 2011

New Blog Project

I've decided to start a new blog project. You can find the blog to the right in the Where To Find Me section. Its titled 365 Days Of Zazzle Design. I've started this to hopefully be my motivation. I'm going to create at least one design for zazzle a day for one year. I'm also going to be promoting a product from a zazzler every friday.

How this works: I'm going to go on the hunt on the zazzle forums and find someone who has a product that ties in with my item creation of the day everyfriday. Everyone can get the chance to submit what they think is their best product that fits that fridays catagory. I will then choose one person that I feel best represents the catagory. Dont feel left out though if you dont get picked. I'm planning on doing lenses on Squidoo to help promote those who dont get picked for my blog so everyone wins. LOL. Just trying to do my part to help other people. I'm going to start my hunt as soon as possible but i will not be starting my project until Monday March 28th 2011. I will post my first friday winner on Friday March 25th 2011. Hope everyone enjoys this opportunity.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New things in progress

I have lots of plans in order for my store. Lots of designs ideas and so much more. I have alot of things in my head and in my "idea notebook". Yes this is an actual notebook that I made my fiance go and buy for me just for all of my ideas. I got a 5 subject notebook because my little notepad of about 60 pages just wasnt doing it. I've made my new notebook home of all my ideas but I havent put them all in there. They just keep popping into my head at times that I dont have my notebook. Mental note to self: Buy a small travel notebook to store on the go ideas. Any ways enough about that. I have plans to start adding new products and designs to my store of the course of the next month or so. Right now I only have a few different products and I plan on expanding to include most if not all of the products that zazzle offeres. Im really excited about the new sticker shapes. I have so many different ideas in my head that I kinda lost track of why i am writing this blog. So for now I'm just going to end this by saying look foward to lots of new things coming to my store.

Also if anyone happens to read this I am wondering how to add different links to my blog where you could click on something and be directed to a certain part. I saw a blog the other day that had a link at the top where you could click on zazzle coupons and it took you to a seperate part of the blog. Do i need to create a new blog and link to that in order to do this or is there something I am missing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Royal Flush I Pad case from

Royal Flush I Pad case from

I did this drawing a couple of months ago while waiting to get my computer. This is the finished product of my Royal Flush design. The drawing is below.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Upcoming Things

Here are some things that I am planning. I may not get to all of them but I just wanted somewhere to put my ideas and maybe by putting them here for other people to see it will give me the motivations to get them done. lol

  • Upload catagory buttons to my shop.
  • All new custom request items (I will explain this below)
  • Learn new things in Inkscape (I've recently started using this and love it)
  • Promote my store some more
  • New i phone and i pad cases
  • New keds shoes designs (possibley venture into doing mens shoes)
I think thats all for now. Anyways the custom request products are things I'm going to design but give the option to choose the name and/or text (not through the zazzle fonts) text and background coloring. I will have a catagory in my shop named custom request (not to be confused with the customize your own) that will show all the products and designs that will have this option. You can email me at

Support Japan Relief TShirt T-shirts from

Support Japan Relief TShirt T-shirts from


Hi and welcome to Audison Designs new blog. I've started this blog in hopes of getting my name out there to more people and to start selling some of my products on zazzle. As you can see from my profile I am a stay at home mom which means I have A LOT of free time on my hands. I have twin girls that are finishing up preschool and will be heading off to kindergarten in a few months. This blog will be mainly focused around my designs. It will feature my future projects, projects that are currently in the making and my new products as they come out. As of this post, zazzle is doing some upgrading so everything there is not working as it should so I'm not sure how many new products I will get out until they get things fixed. Please watch this blog for my new ideas, up coming products and new products.